What do I need to build a TOT! router sled with a self-supporting frame?

1 pcs TOT! Complete pack


1 pcs CMT router bit extension on 12mm shank

1 pcs CMT 60 mm router bit

a few packs of TOT! clamping dogs and clamping dogs XL

1 pcs TOT! locking jig

1 or 2 pcs M8X50mm -CLAMPING LEVER for locking router cart in any position

1 or 2 pcs Slider  10mm Slot for a smooth move between locking router cart in any position with clamping levers

4 or 8 pcs M8X40-STARKNOB for end-stops

50mm sealing brushes

60mm sealing brushes

Handle extension if your router sled is wider than 1,6 m

40×80-10 Aluminum profile